Ceylon BOPF Black Tea


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Embrace the bold and robust flavor of our Ceylon BOPF Black Tea, a quintessential choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a strong and invigorating brew. Handpicked from the verdant hills of Sri Lanka, this Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF) grade tea is renowned for its rich color, full-bodied taste, and brisk finish. Whether you prefer it straight up or with a splash of milk, Ceylon BOPF Black Tea promises to awaken your senses and leave you craving for more.


  • Energizing Boost: Kickstart your day with a burst of energy from the natural caffeine found in black tea, helping you feel refreshed and revitalized.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Immerse yourself in the antioxidant-rich goodness of Ceylon BOPF Black Tea, supporting your body’s natural defenses against oxidative stress.
  • Digestive Support: Savor each sip knowing that black tea can aid digestion and soothe discomfort, promoting a sense of well-being after meals.
  • Mental Clarity: Experience heightened focus and mental clarity as you indulge in the invigorating aroma and taste of Ceylon BOPF Black Tea.
  • Culinary Versatility: Whether enjoyed on its own or used as a base for creative tea blends, Ceylon BOPF Black Tea is a versatile ingredient that adds depth and character to your favorite recipes.

Experience the unparalleled boldness and richness of Ceylon BOPF Black Tea, a beverage that embodies the spirit of Sri Lanka’s tea heritage and craftsmanship.


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There are no reviews yet.

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